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After listing send people to your products to sell them easily online, come on Cannabis Legalization News to talk about your company.

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We make it easy for hemp farmers and supply companies for cannabis cultivation to sell product online. Create an account. List your products. Hemp requires a COA that can be easily verified by a 3rd party. Let us know if you need help listing your products. Then ask if you would like to come on the Cannabis Legalization News podcast. 


Only Legal Dank

Hemp is legal and our founders represent those companies, which led us to design Dank Supply for helping companies that specialize in something besides technology have a resource for selling and promoting their products.

And Its Supply

We concentrate on indoor growth for helping the adult use industry create systems that run as close to carbon neutral we can get the flower, but we also list supply for outdoor cultivation as lots of cannabis is grown as industrial hemp 

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List and sell your products for hemp & its supply right now. Hemp requires COAs that can be easily verified by the laboratory. It’s industry standard. The supply has no such restriction on its sales.

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Once you got it listed, we work around the clock to make sharing your products and sales data better and better.  You don’t pay hosting. You don’t need to worry about breaking it.  You tell us what updates its needs. 


Hemp Boom

CBD Hemp is forecasted to hit $20 Billion dollars by 2024, but that’s not all.


Addressable Market

More than just sales, it’s the total size of the market expenditure – expected to hit $166 Billion in 10 years.


Disruptive Market

Alcohol, tobacco & health and wellness comprize a $2.6 trillion dollar industry cannabis can disrupt.


Cannabis Supply

Adult use cannabis sales should hit $17 Billion by 2019 – with 38% growth over 2018.


Available Market

Service Available Market for cannabis includes producers of the plant and should hit $50 Billion in 10 years.


New Horizons

Cannabis is a fast evolving industry that has ancillary opportunities that will make generational wealth.

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Have a question about dank supply?

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I planned on selling all my products on my own website, but that quickly turned into an endless series of issues and more payments to try and fix it. Dank Supply just lets me list my stuff and tells me when they have sold. 

Tennessee Jed

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